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Rides and Commutes

This page describes sources of local led rides followed by some information for commuters. Then a range of rides both in and around Swansea and further afield are described.

Cycling UK rides
Cycling UK's Swansea and District Member Group (aka CTC Swansea) provide mid week (normally Wednesdays) and Sunday rides. There is usually a choice between an easier and a harder ride. Information about their rides is provided on their Cycling UK webpage.

BikeAbility (Wales) Companion Rides.
These are gentle rides, suitable for beginners, which use both specialist and conventional bicycles. They start and finish at BikeAbility's venue at the Dunvant RFC and take place every Wednesday from 10.00-12.00 starting 8th March. The ride is free but there is a £7 charge for the hire of a bike, either conventional or a specialist one (e.g. Companion cycles, recumbents and hand cycles). For further information phone Mike Cherry on 07968 109145 or e-mail him.

Wheelrights Cappuccino Rides.
These gentle sociable monthly rides are mostly on traffic free paths, over short distances and are aimed at new and less confident cyclists (men and women). Meet in the Environment Centre Café, Pier Street, Swansea SA1 1RY. Check the Events page for confirmation of time and date. The destination and distance will be decided on the day to suit those who turn up. For more information phone Allyson on 01792 475521 or e-mail her.

U3A rides
If you are a member of the U3A or are interested in becoming one (Open to all who are fully or partially retired - there is no age limit.) you are welcome to join their Cycling leisurely rides. There is flexibility with a choice of shorter gently paced and longer slightly brisker rides. Most, but not all of them, are on the last Monday of each month. Details of the programme are given here (Note that you are asked to let Peter Clarke know if you plan to join a ride.) with a summary on the Events page. Non-members can take part in up to two rides before joining.

To assist those who are thinking of cycling to work and would like advice, eg: about a suitable route, what to wear, etc., Wheelrights have identified some who know a thing or two about this and would be pleased to offer advice or even cycle with you a few times to get you started. These mentors are as follows. If you would like advice give whoever is best located for you a call.

Mentor Phone No. Location
Claudine Conway
David Naylor
Colin Fielder
Chris Walsh
Nick Guy
Eifion Francis
07918 140124
01792 233755
01792 208571
07941 823729
01792 476178
01792 796735
Mumbles/West Cross
Sketty/City Centre
Uplands/City Centre

Bike security
Bike theft is a major problem. This link provides comprehensive information on how to secure yours. Alternatively ride a bike that would not attract a thief or is so cheap that you could afford to lose it.

Ride descriptions
Most of these rides appeared in the "On your bike with David Naylor" column in the Saturday Weekend section of the South Wales Evening Post. They have been slightly edited so that they don't relate to a particular season of the year.

The first description is of the Commuter Challenge Wheelrights held in 2011.
A Commuting Challenge.
The next four are of commutes from the west, NW, NE and east of Swansea to the City Centre.
Commutes from the west.
Commutes from the NW.
Commutes from the NE.
Commutes from the east.

In the descriptions below the length and nature of each ride is shown in [ ] where the number is the length in miles and the letter identifies the terrain, ie mostly flat, moderately hilly or hilly. Thus [25f] would be a mostly flat 25 mile ride.

Gower Peninsular Swansea (and beyond) Further afield
Mumbles and Clyne [8m].
North Gower circuit [16m].
Gower traverse [22m].
Heart of Gower [27m].
Llanmadoc [27m].
Gower circuit [44m].
West Pier [3f]
Millenium Coast Park [6f]
Afon Ogwr [15m]
Crymlyn Circuit [15m]
Round Kilvey Hill [15m]
Avon Afan [17f]
Riverside Park [20f]
Neath Canal [21f]
Kidwelly [23f]
Swansea Circuit [24m]
Bryngarw Park [28h]
Henrhyd Falls [28m]
Swiss Valley [33m]
Carreg Cennen [35h]
Carmarthen-Swansea [43m]
Brynamman Circuit [46m]
Elan Dams [27m].
Two Tunnels (Bath) [42f].
Lon Las Cymru [5x38½h].
Northern Europe.

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Page updated on 23 October 2018.