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About us

We help get people on bikes

Wheelrights was formed in 1995 by David Judd, Veronica Wood and the late Bob Burn. It was in 'in Limbo' for a couple of years before being revived in 2007. A new structure with officers as listed below was set up. Meetings for members and others interested are held most months. We hold an agm in the autumn.

Our aims are as follows.

  1. To encourage and assist potential cyclists to take up cycling and thereby prepare them for using a bike as a means of transportation.
  2. To campaign for better provision for cyclists in the Swansea Bay area.
  3. To provide information about cycling related activities.

To implement the first aim Wheelrights provide support for beginners. Up to and including 2015 we provided cycle training classes for beginner adults. These were very successful with most pedalling away after two hours instruction. They are now discontinued. Advice for beginners and returning cyclists can however be found on the Beginners and Rides/Commutes pages.

Implementation of our second aim involves behind-the-scenes campaigning (meetings with Council officers, representation at Swansea Council's Cycle Action Progress meetings, etc.). In addition we organise the annual Gower Cycling Festival and participate in cycle promotion activities.

Our third aim involves provision of information about cycling events, principally organised rides.

Why we are needed
The need to improve health by providing opportunities for and encouraging healthy exercise has never been greater, as are also measures to reduce CO2 to combat global warming. Cycling can contribute to both of these; it can help bring about a modal shift away from cars and in so doing can improve the fitness and health of those who cycle.

There is the potential to make a major dent in the use of cars both for commuting and for other journeys of less than five miles. This applies particularly to school trips. Currently just over 1% of children cycle to school in Swansea. A tenfold increase would be needed to bring this up to European levels (and even then it would be much less than in Denmark). Sustrans plan to get 10-15% of all pupils cycling to school and have achieved more than this in some of the schools they have targeted. At one school in Suffolk two thirds of the children cycle to school and in Copenhagen the figure is 40%. So why should not Sustran's target at least be achieved in Swansea?

To achieve the necessary model shift to cycling a change in attitude is needed together with measures ranging from infrastructure improvements, through regulation changes, to education. Wheelrights' role is to act as a catalyst in this process.

Contact us
For general information contact the Chairman or Secretary, or to join us or renew your sub. go to the Join us page.
Chairman: John Sayce. Phone: 01792 537226 ; e-mail
Secretary: Nick Guy. Phone (evenings): 01792 476178 ; e-mail
Treasurer and Membership: Chris Walsh. Phone: 01792 790799; e-mail
Webmaster and Newsletter: David Naylor. Phone: 01792 233755; e-mail

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Page updated on 12 November 2016.