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Reports about and proposals for cycling infrastructure can be found here.

Rural Routes (on Gower Peninsula).
Following their Rural Routes Workshop on 1 May 2018 Wheelrights produced this map of aspirational cycle routes on the Peninsula.

Integrated Network Map (INM)
Two requirements of the Active Travel Act (Wales), which became law in 2013, are that Local Authorities had to first produce an Existing Routes Map by January 2016 (See below.) and then an Integrated Network Map. The consultation deadline for the latter was 7 September 2017. Wheelrights met this deadline and - because they had insufficient time to update their proposed routes - submitted a set little changed from their August 2016 LDP submission. A link to their INM submission is given on the Campaigns page as is the LDP submission.
Wheelrights understand that the routes in the Council's INM are not 'cast in stone'. They hired consultants, Capita, to advise them on their selection. Their recommended routes essentially comprise the Council's INM routes. Accordingly our Routes Group is assessing both our routes and the Council's with a view to coming up with a shortlist. To facilitate this a new indexed map has been prepared to replace the old one. It is at the larger scale of 1:33,333 (3cm = 1km.) if printed at its recommended A2 size, compared with 1:50,000 for the previous A3 map. Importantly both the Council's and Wheelrights' routes are on it. If you can help with comments or suggestions for new routes please let David Naylor know, preferably by email. The map is updated from time to time as indicated by the date on it.

Existing Routes Map (ERM).
Swansea Council submitted this ERM in January 2016 followed by this update in July 2016.

Active Travel Act Design Guidance
This important design guide came out in December 2014. It provides detailed guidance on what is needed to implement the Active Travel Act, in particular the infrastructure. To provide an index to this 420 page document Wheelrights have prepared an index to it.

Swansea Bay cycle routes
In 2014 CCS and NPT Councils got their act together and came up with a plan for cycle routes - principally for commuters - in the Swansea Bay area. There are 14 routes. They are described and shown schematically in a fold out sheet commonly referred to as the "Tube map". Separate colours are used for each route.
In order to identify potential routes for the INM (See above) Wheelrights members have been checking out these routes on their monthly Routes Rides. The purpose of these inspections (in effect cycle audits) is to identify what needs to be done to bring the routes up to the standard required by the Act. Reports based on these inspections have been prepared. They are as follows.
Cross Valley. (Morriston to Gorseinon part.)
Click here for the report.
Tirpenry. (A proposed new route.)
Click here. for the report.
Bay Campus.
This audit was prepared following reports of near-misses by Baldwins Bridge. It proposes measures to make the route safer.
NCR 4 Loughor Bridge to Gowerton.
This audit proposes solutions to some problems in this stretch. (Since it was prepared cycle lanes have been provided on Pont-y-Cob and Culver Roads.)
NCR 4 East of Loughor Bridge.
This report. proposes a solution to the danger spot at the approach to Loughor Bridge referred to in the audit above.
Alexandra Rd - Mansel St shared-use path.
This audit. proposes improvements to this path. (Since it was prepared the curvature at the entrance to Pleasant Street has been tightened.)
Swansea Railway Station - cycle access.
This report. proposes options for making the infrastructure in the vicinity of the Railway Station more cycle/pedestrian friendly. It was produced at the request of cllr Nick Davies at a CAP meeting.
Walter Road.
This brief report concerning plans to make Walter Road cycle friendly is based on a site visit on 16 October 2018.
This report covers an inspection of Westway by the Routes Group on 4 February 2017.
Blackpill Crossing.
This paper. is a short technical note which shows how the lights could be phased to mimimise delay at this crossing for all users: motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. (The lights at this crossing were changed in 2017. Although the wait time for cyclists and pedestrians has been reduced the recommendations in the paper were not incorporated.)

Loose ends.
This Loose ends document lists and gives details of outstanding cycle infrastructure issues. They are mainly small and are needed to bring the routes up to Active Travel Act standards and make them safe. Detail is provided in the reports above.

Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs)
Wheelrights have offered to assist the Council by suggesting locations for ASLs. This drawing shows those proposed so far. If you can add to this please email David your suggestion. The drawing will be updated from time to time, and be vetted by the Council prior to implementation.

Fabian Way Corridor
Since Wheelrights first looked into cycle routes in this area in 2009 NCR 4 has been moved north of Elba Crescent to follow the new road further north, and the dead end cycle path (The original intended NCR 4) has been extended alongside the Tennant Canal to Jersey Marine. Also NCR 4 where it runs along the north side of Fabian Way west of Elba Crescent has been upgraded. This section is now part of a cycle route to the Bay Campus.
In addition to resolving the safety issue by Baldwin's Bridge covered above we have two main proposals to improve cycle provision along this corridor.
Northern route.
Simply upgrade the gravel to tarmac for the remaining threequarters of a mile of the existing route along the Tennant Canal to Jersey Marine.
Southern route.
This would be entirely south of Fabian Way and would provide a route east from the Bay Campus to link with NCR 4 where it emerges from the underpass near the Briton Ferry Bridge. This proposal shows it.

Models to follow
There are two videos here which show how serious traffic congestion can be eased to the benefit of all. The first is about the transformation of the Cheshhire Village of Poynton and the second about New York. There are lessons here for Swansea, in particular the Kingsway.

Older material is stored on this Archives page.

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Page updated on 21 December 2018.