Gower Cycling Festival

Interactive registration form for 18-25 August 2018 Festival.

This form is for advance Festival registration with payment by PayPal or by bank transfer. Registration costs £5 for adults, children under 16 free. You can now book the buffet on the Friday evening in advance at the reduced price of £5. (Normally £6.) Registration entitles you to unlimited rides. However if you join only those rides marked [ ] on the programme there is no charge.
If you prefer to pay by cheque please print out and use the paper form and then return to the Festival web page.

* = required field.
Name(s): *    Identify any children with "C"
Where you're from: *    Enter home town and/or country.
Phone number:    * and/or or email - both not essential.
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Please enter the rides you hope to join. This does not commit you. Include "B" to book a place for the buffet on the Friday. (See below.)

This is to register    adult(s) *,     child(ren) and book      buffet places.

I accept the advice given in the Introduction. *

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If you are paying, ie joining more than the [ ] rides, please indicate how: ie PayPal or bank transfer.

Page updated on 23 January 2018.